A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic and devastating for you and your loved ones. But with innovative, compassionate and patient-centered care, you can quickly overcome the setback, approach your treatment with optimism and put your life back on track. At Bay Regional Cancer Center (BRCC), we offer state-of-the-art cancer management through a combination of the latest medical technologies, a multidisciplinary team of urologic-oncologic experts, tailored treatment plans, comprehensive education of patients and their families, and a warm, friendly and confidential environment throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process. We continually strive to deliver a wide array of leading-edge therapies to suit different medical conditions and lifestyles.

Innovative and Advanced Therapies

After you are diagnosed with cancer, our urologic-oncologic team will design the best treatment plan for your physical, emotional and mental needs. Often this includes suitable surgical procedures using daVinci Robotic surgery, radiation therapy using the latest oncology techniques like IMRT, IGRT and RAPID ARC, or the most appropriate systemic therapy. We have treated a number of urologic cancers using the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical robot, which allows for smaller incisions, greater accuracy and remarkable outcomes. Our surgical team is also skilled and experienced in nerve-sparing prostatectomy, robotic cystectomy, retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy, partial nephrectomy and removal of kidney tumors of the vena cava. At Bay Regional Cancer Center (BRCC), you can be confident that you will get the most advanced, safest and effective treatment.

Broad Range of Cancers

Bay Regional Cancer Center (BRCC) offers comprehensive urologic cancer treatment for men and women. We provide safe and effective treatment of bladder cancer, kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma, penile cancer, testicular cancer, urethral cancer, transitional cell cancer, prostate cancer, and high-risk (advanced) prostate cancer. Our urologic-oncologic program follows a multidisciplinary team approach, allowing your situation to be handled not only by urologic surgeons and oncologists, but also by radiation oncology and pathology experts. The involvement of everyone means you get a personalized treatment plan with the best possible outcome. In most cases, the discussion is conducted on the same day as your appointment.

A Team of Experts

At BRCC, you will benefit from treatment by highly-trained and experienced board-certified urologists and oncologists. The doctors work closely with experts in the fields of medical oncology, pathology, radiation oncology, imaging and diagnostics. Discussions and consultations among members of the team guarantee that your treatment is tailored to your needs and include the best and newest techniques and strategies for treating urologic cancers safely and effectively.

Our team is committed to:

  • A multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment and care.
  • Application of the latest state-of-the-art technology.
  • Customized treatment plans.
  • Innovative minimally invasive techniques that guarantee faster recovery and less pain.
  • Continuous clinical trials to find groundbreaking therapies.

At Bay Regional Cancer Center, you will receive personalized, confidential and compassionate care. You will also find a seamless flow of all processes during your appointment, diagnosis, treatment, discharge and follow-up visits. Call us today at (850) 203-5559 to book your appointment.

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